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LowKey Dispensary is a retail cannabis brand that is planning to operate in several locations in the Boston area. Our first dispensary will be opening in Dorchester, MA on June 2022. At Lowkey we aim to level up each community by creating opportunities for the local residents. Our goal is to work with our community in Dorchester which has been disproportionately harmed by the past prohibition of cannabis to ensure their inclusion in the legal cannabis industry.

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Sativa: Often produces a “mind high,” or an energizing, anxiety-reducing effect. If you use sativa-dominant strains, you may feel productive and creative. Often recommended for daytime use.

Indica: provides intensely relaxing effects. Can help reduce nausea and pain and increase appetite. Because of its deep relaxation effects, Indica strains are better consumed at night.

Hybrid: this stain is typically grown from a combination of sativa and Indica in order to increase THC percentages. They are produced for their unique impacts on reducing anxiety and stress.

Explore LowKey's Products Available On Opening Date

Below are some of the products which will be available at Lowkey's Dorchester dispensary. These product lines will be available for purchase in-store or online in June 2022!

Pioneer Valley M80 - Preroll

Pre-roll (1G)
Coming Soon - June 2022

Fernway Vape

Berkshire Gold
Coming Soon - June 2022

The Heirloom Collective - Flower

Mandarin Cookies (3.5g)
Coming Soon - June 2022

Happy Valley Gummies

100 mg THC Blood Orange
Coming Soon - June 2022

Green Gold Group - Concentrates

Cali Haze Dablicator - Oil 1G
Coming Soon - June 2022

Levia Dream | Cannabis Infused Seltzer

Drink 4.79 milligrams
Coming Soon - June 2022

Product categories which Lowkey Dispensary Will Carry









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Coming Soon - LowKey Prerolls

Lowkey Dispensary will offer a large variety of premium cannabis products including our own lines of prerolls, flower, and vapes made with out exclusive Sixmill OG strain.
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At Lowkey we have friendly staff that are always available to answer any questions. Please contact us directly via our contact form or email.

Location: 571 B Washington St. Boston MA 02124

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