The Truth About Cannabis


The Truth About Cannabis

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For an educational session for our community on The Truth about Cannabis.

  • History of cannabis
  • Science behind cannabis
  • Potential health benefits a& risks of cannabis
  • Legalization of cannabis
  • The future of cannabis

Date time: Saturday November 4th, at 10 am – 12 noon
472A Washington St. Boston MA 02124
Phone: (617) 485 1995

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LowKey 710 Dab & Brunch Party Turnout

Lowkey's 710 Dab & Brunch Party

See the turnout of our 710 Dab party. Everyone had an amazing time and with good music, food and refreshments the event was a success. Looking forward to many more 7/10 parties to come. Check out the pictures to see what LowKey's 7/10 was all about!

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    LowKey Lifted Presents: 710 Dab & Brunch Party

    Come to Lowkey's 710 Dab & Brunch Party

    WEDNESDAY - from 6:30Pm- 8:30pm @ 571b Washington St Dorchester, MA 02124

    710 Party on 7/10/22 From 12pm -5pm

    Come and get “Lifted” with good music, food and refreshments. Come see what 7/10 is about! Location is kept private until you RSVP. VIBES CURATED BY AMERO

    Sponsored by:

    • Revolutionary Clinics
    • Green Gold
    • The Heirloom Collective


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      LowKey Job Fair - Level Up With Us!


      Interested in working for a locally owned cannabis dispensary? Come visit our job fair on July 8th & 9th!

      Friday July 8 from 4PM – 7pm & Saturday JULY 9 from 1pm – 4pm

      LOCATION: 404 Neponset Ave. Dorchester, MA. 02122
      Come and learn more at our job fair this July!

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        Cannabis Real Estate Pop Up July 20TH


        WEDNESDAY - from 6:30Pm- 8:30pm @ 571b Washington St Dorchester, MA 02124

        Learn About Cannabis Real Estate! Learn what it takes to identify real estate for cannabis and get an inside look at what you will need to go from an idea and bringing it to reality.

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          Can Cannabis Give You a Hangover?

          Can Cannabis Give You a Hangover?

          It seems that almost everyone has overdone it with alcohol at some point. The throbbing headache, upset stomach, and uttering the familiar phrase “I’m never drinking again” after a long night at the bar is a fairly universal experience, but is there a cannabis equivalent? Can cannabis give you a hangover?   

          What the Experts Say About Cannabis Hangovers 

          Because cannabis remains illegal on the federal level, shockingly little research has been conducted on its effects, including whether or not cannabis can cause a hangover. The studies that have been conducted on the effects of weed have suffered from a variety of issues—for example, being outdated or having a small sample size. 

          Furthermore, the limited number of studies has been inconclusive. One study from 1985 (more than 35 years ago) found “that marijuana smoking can produce residual (hangover) effects the day after smoking.” Conversely, a 1998 study (of just ten subjects) found that “Although robust acute effects of marijuana were found on subjective and physiological measures…no effects were evident the day following administration, indicating that the residual effects of smoking a single marijuana cigarette are minimal.”  

          Cannabis Hangover Symptoms 

          Until cannabis becomes federally legal, it’s a reasonable assumption that science will neither prove nor disprove the existence of weed hangovers. That said, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that weed hangovers are real—just ask any long-time user. Common signs of a cannabis hangover are:

          • Dry eyes
          • Dry mouth
          • An inability to focus 
          • Fatigue 
          • Lethargy
          • Mild nausea
          • The sensation of still being high 

          While marijuana hangovers are unpleasant, they’re generally milder than those resulting from alcohol. Another difference is that cannabis use doesn’t have the dehydrating effect of alcohol (dehydration is what causes many of the symptoms of an alcohol hangover symptoms). It’s a common misconception that because cannabis uses causes dry mouth you’re dehydrated; rather, cannabis causes saliva production to slow down, which results in the feeling of “cottonmouth,” even if you’re well hydrated. 

          What Causes a Cannabis Hangover?

          Cannabis and alcohol hangovers might differ in severity, but they share a similar cause: overconsumption. Also similar to alcohol, the strength of what you consume can directly relate to your odds of having a hangover the next day—the higher the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content, the greater the likelihood of feeling less than yourself the next day. 

          Another commonality between weed and alcohol hangovers is how hard they are to judge. What causes one person to feel unwell the next day might have no effect on another. A handful of variables determine how your body processes marijuana, including your weight, metabolism, and experience using cannabis. Newer cannabis users are encouraged to start low and go slow, beginning with a low dose and small amounts of cannabis to find their limits.

          Edible and Extract Hangovers 

          There are plenty of stories about people getting hangovers from smoking joints or vaping, but edibles and extracts are much more commonly associated with hangovers. Extracts are powerful and contain high levels of THC, which makes it easy to overdo it. Edibles can take a long time to kick in—you need to digest them to feel the effect—and can last as long as 12 hours with residual effects lasting up to a day. It’s not uncommon for someone to think of the lingering effects of an edible as a hangover. 

          How to Avoid a Cannabis Hangover 

          The best cure for a marijuana hangover is to simply avoid them by not overconsuming in the first place—remember the mantra to start low and go slow, and know your limits. If you can’t afford to not feel 100% the next day, stick to smoking and lower-strength strains, it’s the safest choice. It’s also advisable to avoid alcohol and tobacco when using cannabis. It’s likely you’re feeling the after-effects of those substances and not the weed.   

          If you do overconsume, drinking plenty of fluids and getting a little bit of caffeine in your system are a few tried-and-true methods to lift the fog. In other words, have a water bottle handy and drink a cup of coffee or Red Bull before leaving the house. CBD has also been shown to relieve some of the symptoms of a weed hangover. 

          Work With Your Local Dispensary 

          Another way to avoid a cannabis hangover is to work with your local dispensary. Lowkey Dispensary is staffed with knowledgeable employees eager to help you navigate our extensive range of products to find the right strain, potency, and consumption method for you. And grab some CBD when you’re at Lowkey, just in case you get carried away.

          As more states legalize weed, the options available to cannabis customers are growing. But even with options ranging from tasty edibles to super-potent concentrates, the classic joint and blunt remain staples of many cannabis connoisseurs. Helping to keep joints and blunts in their favored position in cannabis culture in the face of an increasingly fast-paced, on-the-go customer are pre-rolls.

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            The Pros and Cons of Pre-Rolled Joints and Blunts

            The Pros and Cons of Pre-Rolled Joints and Blunts 

            As more states legalize weed, the options available to cannabis customers are growing. But even with options ranging from tasty edibles to super-potent concentrates, the classic joint and blunt remain staples of many cannabis connoisseurs. Helping to keep joints and blunts in their favored position in cannabis culture in the face of an increasingly fast-paced, on-the-go customer are pre-rolls.

            What is a Pre-Roll?

            As their name implies, pre-rolled joints and blunts are joints and blunts that have been rolled ahead of time and are often referred to simply as pre-rolls. In general, pre-rolls consist of three parts—cannabis, a rolling paper, and a small filter—although pre-rolls infused with cannabis concentrates, which add potency, are growing in popularity. 

            The Pros and Cons of Pre-Rolls

            Pre-rolled joints and blunts are a3on sight at dispensaries like Lowkey and offer numerous advantages to discerning cannabis customers and a few drawbacks too.

            Pros Of Pre-Rolled Blunts

            Everyone from new cannabis users to long-time weed smokers will find that pre-rolls offer a multitude of benefits over rolling your own joints and blunts. 

            Beginner Friendly

            Perhaps the most notable positive of pre-rolled joints and blunts is that they remove a barrier to new weed smokers. Rolling a joint or blunt is tricky and poorly rolled ones can suck the enjoyment out of the experience. Pre-rolls put well-produced, smooth-smoking joints and blunts into the hands of all cannabis consumers. 


            We all wish we could roll joints as quickly as Seth Rogen or hire a salaried blunt roller like Snoop Dogg, but the fact is rolling is time-consuming and inconvenient. Pre-rolls eliminate the need for accessories like a rolling tray, papers, a grinder, and filters while also avoiding the mess, sticky hands, and time suck of rolling your own.


            The professional packaging and consistent manufactured look of pre-rolled joints and blunts can make them difficult to distinguish from everyday cigarettes or cigars. Further keeping cannabis use low key is the use of sophisticated and smell-masking packaging featuring unassuming branding.


            Because pre-rolls are machine-made, they deliver joints and blunts with consistent quality and quantity of weed—and ultimately effect—something that is particularly hard to achieve when rolling your own. This helps new users avoid over-consumption and allows more seasoned smokers to select a pre-roll with just the right amount of cannabis to achieve their desired results—putting an end to the waste of valuable weed.

            Cost Effective 

            Pre-rolls are one of the most affordable methods for consuming cannabis. Because of the consistent nature of pre-rolled joints and blunts, it’s easy to buy just what you need to achieve a particular effect. Pre-rolls also eliminate the need for spendy accessories like dab rigs, bongs, and pipes.

            Easy to Experiment 

            Many pre-rolls are sold individually and come in a variety of sizes which makes them a simple way to experiment with different strains of cannabis. They are also an easy way to try next-level joints, like those infused with concentrates, which are notoriously challenging to roll.  

            Cons Of Pre-Rolled Blunts

            Pre-rolls provide numerous benefits but much like everything else, you have to take the bad with the good.

            Ruins the Ritual of Rolling 

            The process of rolling a joint or blunt, and all the accoutrement, is a large part of the overall experience of many weed smokers, especially those who have been rolling joints and blunts for a long time. To some of these DIY enthusiasts, the idea of smoking a machine-made joint or blunt simply isn’t satisfying as if they had made it themselves. 

            Uneven Burn Rate

            A common complaint of pre-rolls is that they burn unevenly and ultimately provide an unsatisfactory smoking experience. The reputation for burning unevenly was built in the early days of legalized marijuana, but the majority of the pre-rolled joints and blunts on the market now are top-notch and burn smoothly. That said, buying from a trusted dispensary like Lowkey is an excellent way to ensure you’re getting high-quality pre-rolls.

            Unknown Quality 

            The flower is hidden in a pre-roll which leads some cannabis customers to question its quality. Once again, this negative is largely attributed to the early days of pre-rolls when some manufacturers would fill them with trim, shake, or simply subpar weed. Most of the pre-rolls on the market today are made with first-rate product, but buying from a reputable dispensary like Lowkey is a good way to guarantee you’re getting the finest pre-rolled joints and blunts. 

            Lowkey Dispensary 

            Lowkey Dispensary has all of your cannabis needs covered, whether you’re into rolling your own joints and blunts or content to let someone else do the work for you. From first-class flower to premium pre-rolls, you can count on Lowkey to have the highest quality cannabis products and the expertise to help you find the perfect product for you.

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              Cannabis Gummy Greatness

              It’s no secret that people love cannabis-infused gummies. According to MJ BizDaily, gummies accounted for almost $1 billion in retail sales in just six of the 18 states where recreational cannabis is legal last year. The growth of interest in cannabis gummies is outpacing the marijuana market. Last year, in the six states that were tracked, gummy sales expanded by over 20% while the market on a whole grew roughly 18.5%.  

              5 Reasons Why THC Gummies Are Great

              Driving gummy’s growth is its approachability, which attracts new cannabis consumers, along with a whole host of other benefits that keep seasoned users going gaga over gummies. 

              Sweet Eats

              There’s a reason why you’ll likely find cannabis-infused Rice Krispie treats at your local dispensary and not THC-infused rice cakes. Edibles take the form of our favorite tasty treats because we’re searching for a sweet snack and high. Gummies can satiate almost any cannabis consumer’s cravings—they come in a wide variety of fun flavors and in different shapes, sizes, textures, and colors. 

              Discreet Treats 

              Gummies are a low-key way to consume cannabis. They’re generally small, portable, and easily carried in a pocket or purse—with the exception of this gargantuan gummy. Gummies also don’t require any special paraphernalia, like a dab rig, vape, or pipe. Furthermore, they don’t produce any tell-tale smoke. This all adds up to a popular option for keeping a low profile when enjoying cannabis in populated places.

              Control Dosage

              Uniformity is required of gummies and every gummy in a package must contain the same percentage of THC. Eating a gummy simply provides a more precise dosage compared to taking a bite from a cookie or a brownie. This makes them an especially good choice for newer cannabis users who haven’t yet found their ideal dosage.   

              It’s High Time

              Gummies are a great choice no matter if you’re watching your weight, saving room for munchies, or you’re only hungry to get high. Gummies have fewer calories than other edibles like brownies and cookies and practically everyone can make room for a piece of candy—even if not particularly hungry. 

              Long Shelf Life

              Gummies have a long shelf life and resilient quality when compared to baked edibles like cookies and brownies, which can go stale, and chocolates, which are notably sensitive to heat. Make sure to seal their package to lock in their flavor and potency and store them in a cool, dark place and they’ll last a long time. This allows you to buy in bulk without worrying about them going bad and means you’re not tossing away an old edible you never got around to eating. 

              Different Kinds of Cannabis-Infused Gummies

              Not all gummies are created equal—how a gummy is infused with THC will affect everything from its taste to the experience it provides. 

              Gummies Made with Distillate 

              The majority of edibles at your local dispensary are made using distillate. Distillate is a cannabis extract that has been stripped of all materials to leave behind just the THC. Distillates are virtually void of cannabis’s naturally occurring tastes and aromas, which puts a gummy’s candy flavor forward. Distillates are popular with manufacturers because they deliver a consistent experience, however, some cannabis connoisseurs will argue that the high they produce lacks nuance.

              Gummies Made with Full-Spectrum Oil 

              Infusing gummies using full-spectrum oil is less common than distillate. Full-spectrum oil contains terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids, which help deliver the unique flavor, smell, and effects of the strain the oil is derived from. Ganja gastronomes insist this produces a more refined and balanced high and manufacturers are able to tailor the gummies to deliver specific effects—like relaxed, energized, or sleep.

              Go Low and Slow with Gummies 

              Lowkey Dispensary preaches to our customers the mantra go low and slow, especially when it comes to gummies. Everyone responds to weed differently, which makes it difficult to determine what amount will produce the desired effect. The best method for finding your sweet spot is to start with a low dosage and slowly increase it over subsequent uses until you find the ideal amount. 

              It’s also important to remember that edibles like gummies can take longer to kick in and produce longer-lasting effects than other methods of cannabis consumption. Give gummies at least two hours to kick in before eating an additional serving, or better yet, play it safe and wait a day—with marijuana, it’s better to underdo it than overdo it.

              Lowkey Dispensary 

              Just like there are a bunch of things people love about gummies, there are a lot of reasons to love Lowkey Dispensary. Lowkey is home to a variety of great gummies with something for every taste and desired effect. Not sure what you’re looking for? Our knowledgeable budtenders will walk you through our selection and help you find a gummy that meets the flavor profile, texture, and potency you want. 

              Of course, you’ll find more than just gummies here. At Lowkey, you’ll find everything from flower and pre-rolls to concentrates and tinctures, along with all the accessories you need to live the “high” life.

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                10 Things to Do When You’re Too High

                From super-strong flower and potent concentrates to slow-to-kick-in edibles, it’s easy to overdo it when consuming cannabis. It seems that almost everyone who consumes cannabis has a story about “greening out”—feeling the adverse effects (such as anxiety, paranoia, and racing heart rate) that come with taking too much weed.  

                Although it may feel you’re going to die while greening out, keep in mind that there are no known reports of anyone ever experiencing a fatal cannabis overdose. Also know that since getting uncomfortably high is a common occurrence, there are a lot of proven methods for mellowing out.   

                10 Things to Do When You’re Greening Out

                1) Relax

                Remember that the overly intense high will pass and what you’re feeling is only temporary. Find a quiet place to sit or lay down and try to let yourself relax. Focus on your breathing—rather than what you’re experiencing—and take slow, deep breaths. If you are able to nap, do it. Time passes much faster when you’re asleep. 

                2) Distract Yourself

                Shifting your focus from your symptoms to something else is a great method for coping with greening out. Play it safe and stick with stuff that presents an aura of calm, such as:

                • Watching a favorite funny movie or television show 
                • Listening to soothing music
                • Putting together a simple puzzle 
                • Playing a game (bonus points for guessing the Wordle while super stoned) 
                • Reading a book 
                • Cracking open an adult coloring book

                Remember, you’re looking for warm and fuzzy feelings, so steer clear of anxiety-inducing and overstimulating things like horror movies.

                3) Hydrate and Eat 

                Water and a light snack is a good solution when you’re spinning. Sipping water helps to combat cottonmouth and gives you something to focus on other than being super high. Avoid reaching for an alcoholic beverage, which can increase and prolong the effects of THC.

                Snacking can also help ease the symptoms of a too-intense high. In fact, some snacks have shown the ability to counteract the effects of cannabis:

                • Lemon is another great source of the calming terpene limonene. Suck on a lemon wedge or, even better, zest a lemon peel into a glass of water—the peel contains the highest concentration of limonene and you get the extra benefit of simultaneously hydrating.
                • Pine nuts are rich in limonene, a terpene known to help ease anxiety, relieve stress, and elevate mood. Pine nuts also contain pinene, a terpene known for its calming properties. (Ironically, pinene is also found in cannabis and is what gives pot its pine-like aroma.)

                • Black peppercorn contains the terpene beta-caryophyllene, which can increase the sedating and calming effects of THC. Chew a few black peppercorns or carefully take a quick whiff to get control of your high. (This is rock star Niel Young’s preferred method for combating cannabis-induced paranoia.)

                4) CBD 

                CBD is a popular option for counteracting the effects of THC. CBD is one of the main cannabinoids found in cannabis and is known to reduce the anxiety and paranoia caused by THC. Try taking a few drops of CBD oil, eating a CBD gummy, or hitting a CBD vape. Many budtenders recommend selecting CBD-high strains and products as a way to avoid getting too high in the first place.

                5) Ibuprofen 

                The same over-the-counter treatment many turn to after overdoing it in their pickup game or after a long day of yard work is also a solution for being super stoned. Anti-inflammatory drugs—most notably ibuprofen—have been shown to reduce the high caused by cannabis.

                6) Pick Up the Phone 

                Going through a green out alone is a challenge, so seek some support. There are a lot of benefits from calling a friend; they can provide a distraction, offer encouragement, and serve as a voice of reason. Plus, think of the funny story the two of you will share when all is said and done. 

                7) Walk it Off 

                Sometimes getting out of the house can help get you out of your head. A short walk can provide a distraction, burn off some energy, and invigorate you. Walking is also a proven mood booster. Remember to stick close to home and in familiar surroundings—this is not the time to explore or get lost.  

                8) Take a Shower/Bath 

                Many marijuana users find the hot water and steam of a shower or the sensation of submerging in a warm bath calming and an excellent way to wash away too strong of a high. Additionally, running a shower or bath is a simple task that can distract from the symptoms of overconsuming cannabis. 

                While some users turn to warm water, others prefer to keep it cool by turning to a cold shower or splashing icy water on their face to clear the fog and anxiety caused by overdoing it.

                9) Snuggle Up to Your Pet

                Pets provide a number of health benefits, including decreasing stress and anxiety while boosting mood and happiness. If you’ve overdone it on weed, cuddle up with your dog or cat and find a state of calm. If you don’t have a pet, funny dog and cat YouTube videos can offer a distraction, or consider a pet-friendly movie (Air Bud—a movie about a basketball-playing golden retriever—is an awesome choice if you’re super stoned).

                10) Don’t Overdo It

                The best remedy for greening out is to avoid it in the first place. Know your tolerance level, keep your consumption within it, and don’t feel pressured to consume more than you can handle. New cannabis users are encouraged to follow the low and slow mantra—start with a low dose and slowly increase it over time to find how much weed you’re comfortable consuming. 

                How Long Does a Green Out Last?

                Cannabis affects people differently and the length and intensity of a green out can vary depending on variables like consumption method, dosage, and tolerance. For example, the ill effects from overdoing it on an edible will last longer than someone who took a few too many puffs in a circle since they take longer to enter and work their way through your system. In general, a green out will last anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours.    

                Lowkey Dispensary 

                Lowkey Dispensary in Boston’s Codman Square can’t ensure you won’t overconsume cannabis, but we can help you avoid a green out. Our expert budtenders can assist you in finding the right strain and dose to deliver an enjoyable cannabis experience and keep from you getting too high.

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                  what is a bud tender

                  What is a Budtender and How to Become One

                  What is a Budtender and How to Become One 

                  In 2018, the word “budtender” was officially recognized by Merriam Webster, but it’s been part of cannabis culture for some time. According to the renowned dictionary publisher, the first appearance of the word budtender was in a 1997 San Jose Mercury News article—more than a quarter-century ago.

                  What is A Budtender?

                  Budtender is a combination of two words: bud, the flower part of the cannabis plant, and bartender, a person who mixes and serves drinks. While budtender is a fun play on words, the position itself is perhaps better likened to a sommelier, a person who serves and gives advice about wine.

                  What Does a Budtender Do? 

                  The best budtenders are extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of cannabis and use the role to share their expertise to help create better-informed customers. Although there is no industry-standard licensure or certification program to become a budtender, these critical employees serve as a guide to customers, educating them about the effects, benefits, and overall experience of cannabis products while also pairing products to the needs and desires of individuals.

                  Key Skills of a Budtender 

                  A budtender is a customer-facing position and requires many of the same skills that are needed for success in other service industry jobs. However, unlike running a register at a big-box store, budtenders must also possess a large amount of industry-specific knowledge. 

                  Product Knowledge

                  Budtenders need to have at least basic knowledge about the cannabis industry and popular products. In general, budtenders will want familiarity with common cannabis products like flower, edibles, vapes, concentrates, and topicals. They’ll need an understanding of how products are grown and created, their effects, how long those effects take to kick in, and how long they last. Budtenders also must know about: 

                  • The three main types of cannabis: sativa, indica, and hybrids (a combination of sativa and indica)
                  • The different strains of cannabis 
                  • The difference between THC and CBD (the two primary psychoactive compounds found in cannabis)
                  • Common terpenes—like myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene—and their qualities  
                  • Dosing 

                  The more in tune a budtender is with what’s happening in cannabis—everything from industry news to culture—the better they’re able to serve their customers. 

                  Up-to-Date on Industry Trends 

                  Successful budtenders are eternal students, as there is always something new to learn. Because budtenders interact with customers, they’re often the link between what’s happening in the industry and the end-user. Great budtenders stay current about emerging trends, new products, events, and happenings in cannabis culture and use that information to create better-informed customers and a richer dispensary experience. They also stay up to date on federal, state, and local laws and regulations regarding marijuana to ensure the business and its customers remain in compliance.

                  Customer Service 

                  Budtenders are the face of dispensaries—after all, they’re the people who primarily work with customers. Like other customer-facing positions, budtenders need strong interpersonal skills, a friendly demeanor, and an outgoing personality. The best budtenders create an inviting environment where new cannabis users feel welcome to ask questions and regular/more seasoned customers are kept informed of new products and specials that may interest them. 

                  Make Connections 

                  The most sought-after budtenders combine their cannabis knowledge, customer service skills, and an understanding of their customers’ preferences, concerns, and desired outcomes to forge connections. Budtenders serve as advocates for cannabis and their dispensary. They have a passion for pot, use that passion to grow trust and relationships, and create repeat customers. 

                  Why Become a Budtender?

                  Budtenders are in demand and a great way to break into the cannabis industry, the fastest-growing industry in the nation (it added 107,059 new cannabis jobs in 2021, a 33% increase over the year before). Many dispensaries are small and operate with start-up mentalities, providing ambitious budtenders the opportunity to take on additional responsibilities, get hands-on experience in a variety of aspects of the business, and get facetime with management—all of which is great for growing a career in cannabis.  

                  Some other reasons to become a budtender include:

                  Lowkey Dispensary

                  Interested in becoming a budtender? Contact Lowkey Dispensary! We’re on the lookout for passionate, knowledgeable, and talented individuals to staff our dispensaries. We have three coming to the Boston area—Dorchester, West Roxbury, and Downtown. Lowkey is also beginning cultivation. 

                  Lowkey is committed to the neighborhoods we operate in and see our operations as adding jobs and driving economic interest in our communities. We intend to work within communities disproportionately harmed by the past criminalization of cannabis and provide residents with good-paying jobs and educational opportunities in the cannabis industry, while helping to increase diversity that is primarily white. 

                  Contact Lowkey today to begin your journey to a career in cannabis.

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