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10 Things To Do When You’re Too High

From super-strong flower and potent concentrates to slow-to-kick-in edibles, it’s easy to overdo it when consuming cannabis. It seems that almost everyone who consumes cannabis has a story about “greening out”—feeling the adverse effects (such as anxiety, paranoia, and racing heart rate) that come with taking too much weed.  

Although it may feel you’re going to die while greening out, keep in mind that there are no known reports of anyone ever experiencing a fatal cannabis overdose. Also know that since getting uncomfortably high is a common occurrence, there are a lot of proven methods for mellowing out.   

10 Things to Do When You’re Greening Out

1) Relax

Remember that the overly intense high will pass and what you’re feeling is only temporary. Find a quiet place to sit or lay down and try to let yourself relax. Focus on your breathing—rather than what you’re experiencing—and take slow, deep breaths. If you are able to nap, do it. Time passes much faster when you’re asleep. 

2) Distract Yourself

Shifting your focus from your symptoms to something else is a great method for coping with greening out. Play it safe and stick with stuff that presents an aura of calm, such as:

  • Watching a favorite funny movie or television show 
  • Listening to soothing music
  • Putting together a simple puzzle 
  • Playing a game (bonus points for guessing the Wordle while super stoned) 
  • Reading a book 
  • Cracking open an adult coloring book

Remember, you’re looking for warm and fuzzy feelings, so steer clear of anxiety-inducing and overstimulating things like horror movies.

3) Hydrate and Eat 

Water and a light snack is a good solution when you’re spinning. Sipping water helps to combat cottonmouth and gives you something to focus on other than being super high. Avoid reaching for an alcoholic beverage, which can increase and prolong the effects of THC.

Snacking can also help ease the symptoms of a too-intense high. In fact, some snacks have shown the ability to counteract the effects of cannabis:

  • Lemon is another great source of the calming terpene limonene. Suck on a lemon wedge or, even better, zest a lemon peel into a glass of water—the peel contains the highest concentration of limonene and you get the extra benefit of simultaneously hydrating.
  • Pine nuts are rich in limonene, a terpene known to help ease anxiety, relieve stress, and elevate mood. Pine nuts also contain pinene, a terpene known for its calming properties. (Ironically, pinene is also found in cannabis and is what gives pot its pine-like aroma.)
  • Black peppercorn contains the terpene beta-caryophyllene, which can increase the sedating and calming effects of THC. Chew a few black peppercorns or carefully take a quick whiff to get control of your high. (This is rock star Niel Young’s preferred method for combating cannabis-induced paranoia.)

4) CBD 

CBD is a popular option for counteracting the effects of THC. CBD is one of the main cannabinoids found in cannabis and is known to reduce the anxiety and paranoia caused by THC. Try taking a few drops of CBD oil, eating a CBD gummy, or hitting a CBD vape. Many budtenders recommend selecting CBD-high strains and products as a way to avoid getting too high in the first place.

5) Ibuprofen 

The same over-the-counter treatment many turn to after overdoing it in their pickup game or after a long day of yard work is also a solution for being super stoned. Anti-inflammatory drugs—most notably ibuprofen—have been shown to reduce the high caused by cannabis.

6) Pick Up the Phone 

Going through a green out alone is a challenge, so seek some support. There are a lot of benefits from calling a friend; they can provide a distraction, offer encouragement, and serve as a voice of reason. Plus, think of the funny story the two of you will share when all is said and done. 

7) Walk it Off 

Sometimes getting out of the house can help get you out of your head. A short walk can provide a distraction, burn off some energy, and invigorate you. Walking is also a proven mood booster. Remember to stick close to home and in familiar surroundings—this is not the time to explore or get lost.  

8) Take a Shower/Bath 

Many marijuana users find the hot water and steam of a shower or the sensation of submerging in a warm bath calming and an excellent way to wash away too strong of a high. Additionally, running a shower or bath is a simple task that can distract from the symptoms of overconsuming cannabis. 

While some users turn to warm water, others prefer to keep it cool by turning to a cold shower or splashing icy water on their face to clear the fog and anxiety caused by overdoing it.

9) Snuggle Up to Your Pet

Pets provide a number of health benefits, including decreasing stress and anxiety while boosting mood and happiness. If you’ve overdone it on weed, cuddle up with your dog or cat and find a state of calm. If you don’t have a pet, funny dog and cat YouTube videos can offer a distraction, or consider a pet-friendly movie (Air Bud—a movie about a basketball-playing golden retriever—is an awesome choice if you’re super stoned).

10) Don’t Overdo It

The best remedy for greening out is to avoid it in the first place. Know your tolerance level, keep your consumption within it, and don’t feel pressured to consume more than you can handle. New cannabis users are encouraged to follow the low and slow mantra—start with a low dose and slowly increase it over time to find how much weed you’re comfortable consuming. 

How Long Does a Green Out Last?

Cannabis affects people differently and the length and intensity of a green out can vary depending on variables like consumption method, dosage, and tolerance. For example, the ill effects from overdoing it on an edible will last longer than someone who took a few too many puffs in a circle since they take longer to enter and work their way through your system. In general, a green out will last anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours.    

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