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A Beginner's Guide To Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis edibles (marijuana-infused foods) are among the most popular products not just at Boston dispensaries, but at dispensaries across the country. The variety of cannabis edible options—from classic brownies to candies to colas—along with the different effects of edibles vs. smoking, however, may intimidate some new users. If you’re new to edibles, here’s what you need to know before visiting your local dispensary.  

What is a Cannabis Edible?

Marijuana edibles are simply foods or drinks infused with cannabinoids, the chemical compounds found in cannabis. Edibles are an easy and intuitive way to consume marijuana and provide a different experience than smoking it because cannabinoids are processed differently when ingested rather than inhaled. In general, edibles take longer to kick in and have stronger, more consistent, longer-lasting effects than smoking. 

Popular cannabis edible products you’ll likely find at a dispensary near you include: 

  • Brownies
  • Cakes
  • Candies
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Gummies
  • Mints 
  • Muffins
  • Soda
  • Syrup
  • Tea

Cannabis-curious cooks can even find infused butter, olive oil, sugar, and flour for whipping up their own cannabis-infused creations. 

The Best Edibles for Beginners

The best advice for new edible users is to start slow and stick to low doses. A good guideline for new users is to begin with edibles containing between 1 and 2.5mg of THC and gradually increase the dosage 1-2.5mg until you find the optimal amount for you. Even experienced cannabis consumers who are new to edibles are advised to start slow and work up to find the dosage best for them.  

Over-consumption is a common mistake made with edibles, which rarely results in an enjoyable experience and is a good case for visiting your local dispensary. The edibles procured at a dispensary are highly regulated and are required to state their potency on the label—making it easy to avoid overdoing it—while the dosage of the treats cooked up in a friend’s kitchen is more difficult to nail down.  

How Long for Edibles to Take Effect? 

Your body needs to digest an edible for it to take effect and the speed at which they kick in can vary depending on a variety of factors, including your metabolism, weight, and cannabis tolerance. 

Normally, it takes anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes for an edible to take effect. In some cases, it can take up to two hours for some to feel the effects—which makes waiting two hours before consuming more edibles a good guideline to follow and will help you avoid overdoing it. Users who are very new to eating edibles should play it even safer and let 12 to 24 hours pass before taking a second dose.

The type of product you consume can also play a role in how fast an edible takes hold. Sublingual edibles (e.g., hard candies and lollipops) enter your bloodstream through your mouth and produce faster results than ingestibles (like brownies and gummies), which have to work through the digestive system. 

How Long Does an Edible High Last?

Similar to how long it takes to feel the effects of edible, how long the high lasts also depends on a handful of factors, such as the dose and potency of the edible and the weight, metabolism, and tolerance of the user. In general, the effect of edibles lasts between six and eight hours, but it’s not uncommon for users to feel their influence for up to twelve hours—especially if they’re particularly sensitive.  

Start on a Full Stomach

A good rule for consuming cannabis edibles to avoid eating them on an empty stomach. Taking edibles on a full stomach slows down how long it takes for them to kick in and makes the feeling they produce last longer. Importantly for beginners, it keeps the high from coming on too quickly and intensely and helps users avoid nausea.  

It’s worth noting that eating food after consuming an edible can potentially have an alternate effect—pushing more cannabis into your system and increasing its potency. 

Are Cannabis Edibles Safe?

No one has ever died from a cannabis overdose and many consider marijuana a safer alternative to other legal drugs such as alcohol and tobacco. When it comes to marijuana, edibles are often thought of as the “safe” alternative to smoking—it’s easier to measure the dose and is easier on the lungs.   

The most common issue with eating cannabis edibles is overconsumption, which while can be a bad time, is something you’ll survive. If you do overindulge, try to:

  • Stay calm and remember that it will pass
  • Drink water to dull your high and combat dry mouth (some people believe that adding black pepper or lemon zest can ease the effects)
  • Put on soothing music or stream a calming movie or show 
  • Sleep it off 

Overconsumption is easily avoidable—just start small with low-dosage edibles and incrementally increase the dosage until you find what works best for you.  

Lowkey Experience 

Another way to ensure an excellent experience with edibles is to work with your local dispensary. Lowkey can help you sift through the huge variety of edible products to find one that works for your lifestyle and desired experience—whether it’s leveling up to go out or calming down for a relaxing night in. Our staff can also offer advice for getting started on edibles, help you decipher the dosages of particular products, and take the guesswork out of adult-use marijuana. 

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