Cannabis Gummy Greatness

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Cannabis Gummy Greatness

It’s no secret that people love cannabis-infused gummies. According to MJ BizDaily, gummies accounted for almost $1 billion in retail sales in just six of the 18 states where recreational cannabis is legal last year. The growth of interest in cannabis gummies is outpacing the marijuana market. Last year, in the six states that were tracked, gummy sales expanded by over 20% while the market on a whole grew roughly 18.5%.  

5 Reasons Why THC Gummies Are Great

Driving gummy’s growth is its approachability, which attracts new cannabis consumers, along with a whole host of other benefits that keep seasoned users going gaga over gummies. 

Sweet Eats

There’s a reason why you’ll likely find cannabis-infused Rice Krispie treats at your local dispensary and not THC-infused rice cakes. Edibles take the form of our favorite tasty treats because we’re searching for a sweet snack and high. Gummies can satiate almost any cannabis consumer’s cravings—they come in a wide variety of fun flavors and in different shapes, sizes, textures, and colors. 

Discreet Treats 

Gummies are a low-key way to consume cannabis. They’re generally small, portable, and easily carried in a pocket or purse—with the exception of this gargantuan gummy Gummies also don’t require any special paraphernalia, like a dab rig, vape, or pipe. Furthermore, they don’t produce any tell-tale smoke. This all adds up to a popular option for keeping a low profile when enjoying cannabis in populated places.

Control Dosage

Uniformity is required of gummies and every gummy in a package must contain the same percentage of THC. Eating a gummy simply provides a more precise dosage compared to taking a bite from a cookie or a brownie. This makes them an especially good choice for newer cannabis users who haven’t yet found their ideal dosage.   

It’s High Time

Gummies are a great choice no matter if you’re watching your weight, saving room for munchies, or you’re only hungry to get high. Gummies have fewer calories than other edibles like brownies and cookies and practically everyone can make room for a piece of candy—even if not particularly hungry. 

Long Shelf Life

Gummies have a long shelf life and resilient quality when compared to baked edibles like cookies and brownies, which can go stale, and chocolates, which are notably sensitive to heat. Make sure to seal their package to lock in their flavor and potency and store them in a cool, dark place and they’ll last a long time. This allows you to buy in bulk without worrying about them going bad and means you’re not tossing away an old edible you never got around to eating. 

Different Kinds of Cannabis-Infused Gummies

Not all gummies are created equal—how a gummy is infused with THC will affect everything from its taste to the experience it provides. 

Gummies Made with Distillate 

The majority of edibles at your local dispensary are made using distillate. Distillate is a cannabis extract that has been stripped of all materials to leave behind just the THC. Distillates are virtually void of cannabis’s naturally occurring tastes and aromas, which puts a gummy’s candy flavor forward. Distillates are popular with manufacturers because they deliver a consistent experience, however, some cannabis connoisseurs will argue that the high they produce lacks nuance.

Gummies Made with Full-Spectrum Oil 

Infusing gummies using full-spectrum oil is less common than distillate. Full-spectrum oil contains terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids, which help deliver the unique flavor, smell, and effects of the strain the oil is derived from. Ganja gastronomes insist this produces a more refined and balanced high and manufacturers are able to tailor the gummies to deliver specific effects—like relaxed, energized, or sleep.

Go Low and Slow with Gummies 

Lowkey Dispensary preaches to our customers the mantra go low and slow especially when it comes to gummies. Everyone responds to weed differently, which makes it difficult to determine what amount will produce the desired effect. The best method for finding your sweet spot is to start with a low dosage and slowly increase it over subsequent uses until you find the ideal amount. 

It’s also important to remember that edibles like gummies can take longer to kick in and produce longer-lasting effects than other methods of cannabis consumption. Give gummies at least two hours to kick in before eating an additional serving, or better yet, play it safe and wait a day—with marijuana, it’s better to underdo it than overdo it.

Lowkey Dispensary 

Just like there are a bunch of things people love about gummies, there are a lot of reasons to love Lowkey Dispensary. Lowkey is home to a variety of great gummies with something for every taste and desired effect. Not sure what you’re looking for? Our knowledgeable budtenders will walk you through our selection and help you find a gummy that meets the flavor profile, texture, and potency you want. 

Of course, you’ll find more than just gummies here. At Lowkey, you’ll find everything from flower and pre-rolls to concentrates and tinctures, along with all the accessories you need to live the “high” life.

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