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Everything You Need To Know About Cannabis Tincture

Joints, blunts, bowls, and brownies are staples of old-school cannabis culture. However, walk into your local dispensary today, and you’ll find a wide variety of products. One such product that’s growing in popularity is cannabis tinctures. 

The History of Cannabis Tinctures

It may seem like cannabis tinctures are a new product—especially when compared to standbys like joints and bowls—but, prior to the prohibition of marijuana, they were one of the most common methods for consuming cannabis. Cannabis was added to the United States Pharmacopeia in 1850, was widely used throughout the country as medicine, and was readily available in pharmacies and general stores until the 1937 Marihuana Tax Act effectively banned the sale and use of cannabis.

What is Cannabis Tincture?

  • THC tinctures are popular with weed enthusiasts and produce a psychoactive effect (the “high” often associated with marijuana). THC tinctures are available only in states where cannabis is legal.
  • CBD tinctures are federally legal, thus more widely available than THC tinctures. CBD tinctures don’t provide psychoactive effects, but can help ease everything from pain to anxiety.
  • Blended tinctures are available only in states where cannabis is legal. Blended tinctures deliver a broad effect provided by the presence of multiple cannabinoids. The effect is dictated by the blend—the higher the ratio of THC to CBD, the more psychoactive it is; conversely, the lower the percentage of THC, the less psychoactive the effect. 

The Benefits of Cannabis Tinctures 

There are pros and cons to every cannabis product. Cannabis tinctures have their perks, and the multitude of benefits they provide is a primary reason for the increase of interest in them. 

Tinctures are Convenient 

Cannabis tinctures are small, portable, and discreet—they are nearly indistinguishable from numerous other wellness products and supplements sold in amber-hued bottles. Unlike many other pot products, Cannabis tinctures also do not require any accessories. That’s right, no rolling papers, pipes, or lighters are needed.  

Tinctures are Discreet 

In addition to their discreet packaging, they’re also an inconspicuous way to consume cannabis. They have no distinguishable odor and it’s easy to take a dose without anyone suspecting what you’re up to. Unlike smoking, there is no tell-tale cloud of smoke or stinky scent. 

Tinctures are Easy to Dose 

The majority of tinctures come with a dropper with four markings: 0.25 ml, 0.5 ml, 0.75, and 1 ml. Using the milligrams of THC in the bottle, the number of milligrams per dose, and dose size, you can fairly precisely control how strong of a dose of THC you’re getting.   

Tinctures are Fast Acting 

Tinctures are most commonly taken sublingually. That is, the drop or drops are placed under the tongue where it’s absorbed. Sublingual application allows the THC to enter your bloodstream rapidly, with effects setting in within 10 to 30 minutes. 

Tinctures are Hygienic 

While there’s something special about passing a joint around or sharing a pipe, it’s more than just marijuana you’re sharing, you’re also sharing germs. On the other hand, if handled properly, the droppers used to dispense tinctures never touch anyone’s mouth or hands. 

Tinctures are Smoke-Free 

In addition to calling attention to what you’re doing, some people find smoke irritating, while others prefer to avoid the carcinogens and toxins contained in cannabis smoke. Simply, tinctures provide a smoke-free alternative for cannabis. 

First time Trying Tincture 

Like other cannabis products, the best guideline for trying tinctures is to start low and go slow. The suggested method for finding your ideal dose is called titration and is the practice of slowly upping your dosage to produce the desired effect without going overboard. Most people opt for sublingual consumption, however, there are other ways to consume cannabis tinctures. Some users opt to drop the dose in their mouth and swallow, while others will add tincture to their food or drink. 

A word of caution if you’re swallowing cannabis tinctures or adding them to food or drinks: it can take longer to kick in and the effects can last longer. It can take roughly one to two hours to feel the effects and they can last upwards of six hours. If you’ve taken a dose of tincture either by swallowing or on food or drink, show some patience when waiting for the effects and give it some time before taking another dose. Thinking it’s not working and taking another dose is a common cause of overconsumption. 

Last Toke 

At Lowkey Dispensary, you’ll find the highest quality tinctures to ensure a reliable and positive experience. Lowkey Dispensary offers more than just products, we also deliver expertise. Our budtenders can help you find the right tincture that delivers the desired effect and assist you in calculating the right dose before you head home. Want to try making your own tincture? Let Lowkey provide the flower.

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