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How To Marry Marijuana And Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which has us thinking about love. While we hope Cupid’s arrow finds its mark this year—no matter what strain of love you’re looking for—one thing you can count on is cannabis being the perfect partner for creating a romantic Valentine’s Day.   

Play Cupid with Cannabis

Cannabis goes hand in hand with most holidays, so it should come as no surprise that it’s becoming increasingly popular to pair marijuana with Valentine’s day celebrations. Whether you and your stoner sweetheart are simply looking for a relaxing activity or hoping to pump up the passion, here are a couple of reasons to wed weed to your Valentine’s day this year. 

Lowers Inhibition 

When you’re in the mood for love, nothing kills it quicker than anxiety. Cannabis can help crush feelings of worry, tension, nervousness, and fears relating to specific events or situations. Studies have shown that CBD has potential as a treatment for general anxiety, while low doses of THC can help reduce stress and uneasiness. It’s important to note that high doses of TC can have the opposite effect, and make anxiety worse. Simply, cannabis can get you—or your partner—out of your head, into the present, and feeling frisky.  

Libido Booster

Reduced anxiety + increased comfort = better sex, and there is a growing amount of research and studies to back this notion up. The most notable effects of marijuana occur in women. A recent study found that women who used marijuana before sexual activity experienced increased sex drive and better orgasms than those who abstain. Men can also benefit from bud; research from Spainindicates that cannabis use leads to more satisfying sexual experiences for both men and women. Ultimately, cannabis can help you set the bedroom ablaze.    

Sativa For Your Sweetie  

Some cannabis is more conducive to amorous activities than others. Since cannabis affects everyone uniquely, it can take some experimentation to find which strain brings the sexual healing stronger than Marvin Gaye. In general, people looking for love gravitate toward Sativa products, rather than Indica. Sativa and Sativa-leaning hybrids are known for producing full-body highs and relaxative properties. They also have a reputation for increasing sensitivity during sex and intensifying orgasms.   

Be Loved and Be Safe

Remember, like candy hearts, chocolates, and other Valentine’s Day treats, you can get too much of a good thing. There’s nothing sexy about a marijuana-induced meltdown and you’ll want to save getting super-stoned for a less important occasion. When using any cannabis product, it’s important to remember the mantra, start low and go slow—start with a low dose and slowly increase it to find the desired effect without going overboard. After all, there is no “emergency text” or safe word to end a bad date with Mary Jane. 

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Cannabis and Your Crush 

Cannabis can make you and your partner more amorous, but you don’t have to save the sweet stuff just for the bedroom. Lowering stress and anxiety makes it easier to connect with a long-term partner or open up to a potential new love interest. It can make jokes funnier, food taste better, and help you forget that awful blind date. Below are a few ideas for incorporating your other love—cannabis—into Valentine’s Day.  

Breakfast in Bed 

Valentine’s isn’t the day for the same old wake and bake. Aim to impress by treating your sweetheart to breakfast in bed. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Whip up a batch of homemade cannabutter—or grab some at your local dispensary—and get cooking. A little dab will do in, or on, everything from grab-and-go staples like muffins and scones to favorites like waffles and pancakes. Not exactly a casanova in the kitchen or baked goods beau? No worries, a drop of tincture or cannabis oil can turn almost any dish into a marijuana-infused meal. 

Netflix and Chill 

Crowded restaurants, busy movie theaters, and high expectations can make going out on Valentine’s Day a hassle. One alternative is to stay in and cuddle on the couch with your crush and some cannabis. Create some atmosphere before sitting down to watch a movie on your favorite streaming service by drizzling cannabutter over a freshly popped bowl of popcorn or grabbing an edible that reminds you of your favorite movie theater. 

Wondering what to watch? You can’t go wrong flirting with these weed-friendly romantic comedies:

  • Half Baked
  • Outside Providence 
  • Knocked Up 
  • Newlyweds 
  • Mallrats 

Get Outside 

Leaving the house doesn’t require heading to a busy restaurant or show, it can simply mean going outside and getting some fresh air. Grab a pre-roll or your favorite strain and bowl and take your beloved on a hike to a secluded spot and smoke up while surrounded by nature. Walking together isn’t just romantic, walking can create bonds and boost your mood

Stay-At-Home Spa 

Those with a desire to treat their special someone to the lap of luxury will want to consider an at-home spa day. There are a variety of cannabis-infused products that can help add some buzz to your spa, ranging from lotions to bath salts. There’s even cannabis lube, which is a surefire way to provide a happy ending to your spa date. 

Love Bud

Cupid is known for his arrows, but cannabis is his secret weapon. Don’t make cannabis a third wheel this Valentine’s Day—rather, find creative ways to incorporate it into the occasion and create a relaxing atmosphere where you and the object of your affection are comfortable sharing everything from your feelings to intimate moments. 

Local dispensaries, like Lowkey Dispensary, are those special someones who can help you fulfill your cannabis desires. Stop by Lowkey Dispensary and work with a budtender for everything from finding the right flower to make cannabutter with, to edibles that stimulate amorous appetites, to topicals that will turn a hot stone massage into a hot stoned massage.

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