The Gift Your Sweetheart Will Love The Rose Petal Blunt

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The Gift Your Sweetheart Will Love The Rose Petal Blunt

The Rose Petal Blunt The Rose Petal Blunt—Better Than a Box of Chocolates  

Looking to crush Valentine’s Day this year and impress your stoner sweetheart? Make it a high holiday and roll a rose petal blunt. The perfect marriage of romantic sentiment and passion for pot, rose petal blunts are great for sparking romance and setting that special someone’s heart aflame.  

First Love  

Internet personality Sasha is largely considered the creator of the rose petal blunt. A video she posted in September 2017 on Twitter, showing how to roll a rose petal blunt, has racked up over seven million views to date. One of the most appealing aspects of the rose petal blunt is its simplicity: it’s just a classic blunt rolled with rose petals instead of tobacco leaf.  

In addition to the sweet sentiment of a rose petal blunt, roses have long been a staple of traditional medicine and today are found in everything from essential oils to personal care products. The health benefits associated with roses include: 

  • Anti-inflammation  
  • Improved immunity  
  • Eased digestion  
  • Reduced menstrual cramps

Roses have also commonly been thought of as mood boosters and may help lower anxiety and stress, which makes them a powerful partner when coupled with cannabis. 

Why You’ll Fall in Love with Rose Petal Blunts

In addition to offering a simple and sweet way to smoke up your secret (or not-so-secret) admirer, there are some other reasons why so many people are smitten with rose petal blunts. Most notably, thanks to their vibrant color and elegant look, rose petal blunts are an ideal match for special occasions, like Valentine’s Day. 

Rose petal blunts don’t just look nice, they smell nice too. Rose and cannabis both share the floral-smelling terpene nerolidol which is known for its pleasing scent and relaxing effect. Also helping keep you and your cannabis companion calm is the soft, less harsh taste rose petal blunts deliver.

What You Need to Flirt with Making Rose Petal Blunts 

The tools needed to make a rose petal blunt aren’t all that different from what you need to roll a regular blunt:  

  • High-quality flower  
  • Grinder  
  • Lighter

You’ll also need:  

  • Oven  
  • Small baking sheet  
  • Rose petals  

 Since you’re going to smoke the rose petals, it’s a good idea to look for roses that haven’t been treated with chemicals. Look for organic flowers or ask a family member or neighbor if you can raid their garden for a few rose petals. A rolling tray is also useful, particularly for first-time rose petal blunt rollers, as it helps keep everything organized and avoid waste.  

How to Roll a Rose Petal Blunt  

Rolling a rose petal blunt is a little more time-consuming than rolling a regular one, but it’s time well spent, especially if it impresses that special someone.  

  1. Arrange three or four rose petals on a baking sheet.
  2. Set the oven to broil and cook the petals for 10 to 15 seconds*.
  3. Lick the bottom of the petals (to make them sticky) and arrange them in an overlapping row.
  4. Put the rose petal wrap back in the oven for another 10 to 15 seconds to help it fuse more securely.
  5. Allow the rose petal wrap to cool for roughly two minutes.
  6. Fill your wrap with ground flower.
  7. Roll up your rose petal blunt like you would a regular one, tucking one edge of the rose wrap under the other and licking the edges to form a seal.
  8. Place the rolled blunt back in the oven for 10 to 15 seconds to secure the seal.
  9. Wait two more minutes to allow everything to firm up.
  10. Spark it up and enjoy!

*Every oven is unique, and rose petals come in different shapes/thicknesses. Consequently, it may require a bit of experimentation to perfect your rose petal broiling skills. 

How to Spice Up a Valentine’s Day Rose Petal Blunt 

A ménage à trois is a potent potion for spicing up your rose petal blunt, and concentrates are an appealing third party. Try adding a thin layer of shatter, wax, or resin instead of licking to seal the blunt to really feel high on love. 

Final Toke  

A rose petal blunt is possibly the perfect present to woo that special stoner. Lowkey Dispensary stocks everything you need to play cannabis Cupid this Valentine’s Day, from first-class flower to advice on the ideal strain for a blunt for your beloved. You might even find pre-rolled rose blunt shells and pre-rolled blunts—just don’t wait until the last minute. Like dinner reservations and show tickets, rose petal blunts go fast in February!

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