Pros and Cons of Prerolled Joints and Blunts

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Pros And Cons Of Prerolled Joints And Blunts

As more states legalize weed, the options available to cannabis customers are growing. But even with options ranging from tasty edibles to super-potent concentrates, the classic joint and blunt remain staples of many cannabis connoisseurs. Helping to keep joints and blunts in their favored position in cannabis culture in the face of an increasingly fast-paced, on-the-go customer are pre-rolls.

What is a Pre-Roll?

As their name implies, pre-rolled joints and blunts are joints and blunts that have been rolled ahead of time and are often referred to simply as pre-rolls. In general, pre-rolls consist of three parts—cannabis, a rolling paper, and a small filter—although pre-rolls infused with cannabis concentrates, which add potency, are growing in popularity. 

The Pros and Cons of Pre-Rolls

Pre-rolled joints and blunts are a3on sight at dispensaries like Lowkey and offer numerous advantages to discerning cannabis customers and a few drawbacks too.

Pros Of Pre-Rolled Blunts

Everyone from new cannabis users to long-time weed smokers will find that pre-rolls offer a multitude of benefits over rolling your own joints and blunts. 

Beginner Friendly

Perhaps the most notable positive of pre-rolled joints and blunts is that they remove a barrier to new weed smokers. Rolling a joint or blunt is tricky and poorly rolled ones can suck the enjoyment out of the experience. Pre-rolls put well-produced, smooth-smoking joints and blunts into the hands of all cannabis consumers. 


Seth Rogen or hire a salaried blunt roller like Snoop Dogg, but the fact is rolling is time-consuming and inconvenient. Pre-rolls eliminate the need for accessories like a rolling tray, papers, a grinder, and filters while also avoiding the mess, sticky hands, and time suck of rolling your own.


The professional packaging and consistent manufactured look of pre-rolled joints and blunts can make them difficult to distinguish from everyday cigarettes or cigars. Further keeping cannabis use low key is the use of sophisticated and smell-masking packaging featuring unassuming branding.


Because pre-rolls are machine-made, they deliver joints and blunts with consistent quality and quantity of weed—and ultimately effect—something that is particularly hard to achieve when rolling your own. This helps new users avoid over-consumption and allows more seasoned smokers to select a pre-roll with just the right amount of cannabis to achieve their desired results—putting an end to the waste of valuable weed.

Cost Effective 

Pre-rolls are one of the most affordable methods for consuming cannabis. Because of the consistent nature of pre-rolled joints and blunts, it’s easy to buy just what you need to achieve a particular effect. Pre-rolls also eliminate the need for spendy accessories like dab rigs, bongs, and pipes.

Easy to Experiment 

Many pre-rolls are sold individually and come in a variety of sizes which makes them a simple way to experiment with different strains of cannabis. They are also an easy way to try next-level joints, like those infused with concentrates, which are notoriously challenging to roll.  

Cons Of Pre-Rolled Blunts

Pre-rolls provide numerous benefits but much like everything else, you have to take the bad with the good.

Ruins the Ritual of Rolling 

The process of rolling a joint or blunt, and all the accoutrement, is a large part of the overall experience of many weed smokers, especially those who have been rolling joints and blunts for a long time. To some of these DIY enthusiasts, the idea of smoking a machine-made joint or blunt simply isn’t satisfying as if they had made it themselves. 

Uneven Burn Rate

A common complaint of pre-rolls is that they burn unevenly and ultimately provide an unsatisfactory smoking experience. The reputation for burning unevenly was built in the early days of legalized marijuana, but the majority of the pre-rolled joints and blunts on the market now are top-notch and burn smoothly. That said, buying from a trusted dispensary like Lowkey is an excellent way to ensure you’re getting high-quality pre-rolls.

Unknown Quality 

The flower is hidden in a pre-roll which leads some cannabis customers to question its quality. Once again, this negative is largely attributed to the early days of pre-rolls when some manufacturers would fill them with trim, shake, or simply subpar weed. Most of the pre-rolls on the market today are made with first-rate product, but buying from a reputable dispensary like Lowkey is a good way to guarantee you’re getting the finest pre-rolled joints and blunts. 

Lowkey Dispensary 

Lowkey Dispensary has all of your cannabis needs covered, whether you’re into rolling your own joints and blunts or content to let someone else do the work for you. From first-class flower to premium pre-rolls, you can count on Lowkey to have the highest quality cannabis products and the expertise to help you find the perfect product for you.

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