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Tips For Your First Visit To A Cannabis Dispensary

It was only in 2018 that the first recreational-use cannabis dispensary opened in Massachusetts. Since then, they’ve popped up all over the Bay State, including Lowkey Dispensary. Although dispensaries are becoming a more common sight in communities across the state, there are still a number of people who have yet to visit one.

If you’re cannabis curious, but you’re not sure what to expect or are intimidated by the idea of a trip to a dispensary for the first time, here are some tips to make your first visit a great one.

1. Set a Goal

Much like the number of dispensaries in Massachusetts has grown in recent years, so have the number and types of products they offer. There are a ton of products available—including flower, concentrates, and edibles—which can make it overwhelming for both new cannabis consumers and cannabis veterans alike to know exactly what they want. This is why we encourage visitors to think about factors like how they prefer to consume and the effects they want (or don’t want) before visiting.

2. Do Some Research

Dispensaries like Lowkey love to share knowledge about cannabis and guide consumers on their journey. That said, having some basic knowledge beforehand is beneficial. Lowkey’s blog is an excellent source of information for new consumers looking to learn the basics about weed while also offering insight into the latest happenings in cannabis culture.

3. Read the Menu Online

A scan of a dispensary’s menu in advance of a visit can give you a chance to familiarize yourself with what products it stocks, what’s available, and how much it will cost. You might even pinpoint a few items of particular interest to ask your budtender about when you visit.

If the thought of visiting a dispensary is really causing you anxiety, many dispensaries will let you order online. For example you can view all of Lowkeys menu online here!

4. Build a Budget

Cannabis products cover a wide cost spectrum. A rough idea of what you want to take home and how much you’re willing to spend can help your budtender find the right products, at the right price, for you.

5. Have the Correct Form of Payment

Cannabis is legal in Massachusetts, yet remains illegal federally which makes checking out at your local dispensary a bit different than at a big-box store. For example, it’s highly unlikely they accept credit cards or Apple/GooglePay. This makes cash king at most dispensaries—although the acceptance of debit cards is increasingly common—and it’s a good idea to have enough green in your wallet to cover whatever you’re planning to purchase. If you’re light on cash, don’t sweat it, dispensaries often have an on-site ATM.

Ultimately, each dispensary is unique in the form of payment it accepts and the resources they provide to their customers. Know what they are before you go.

6. Bring Your ID

Only patrons over the age of 21 are allowed to enter a dispensary. To prove your age, you’ll need a valid ID on you even if you clearly look older than the mandated age. Valid identification includes state-issued driver’s licenses, state ID cards, passports, passport cards, and military IDs.

7. Ask Questions

With a steady stream of new cannabis products entering the market, even seasoned stoners have something to learn. Budtenders, like those at Lowkey, work day in and day out with cannabis and know about everything from the newest products to the unique characteristics of a particular strain. Don’t let their knowledge and experience go to waste, go ahead and ask for their input. An added bonus, when you build a rapport with a bartender, they can better help you on your next visit.

8. Remember, No Pressure

Although there are many differences between shopping at a dispensary and more traditional stores, there are also a lot of similarities. For example, entering a dispensary doesn’t obligate you to make a purchase any more than it does at the supermarket, convenience store, or big-box retailer. Feel free to come in, ask questions, poke around, get your bearings, and leave without making a purchase. Of course, we hope you like what you saw and you come back!

9. Wait Until You Get Home to Consume

Navigating a dispensary for the first time is thrilling and while we’re sure you’re excited to try your purchase, wait until you get home or to a private place to partake. It’s illegal in Massachusetts to consume cannabis in public and to drive under its influence. At best, enjoying your purchase immediately after leaving the dispensary can hurt a dispensary’s image in the community; at worst, it can lead to legal trouble for you.

10. Choose the Right Dispensary

Everybody has their own idea of the ideal dispensary, but, in general, the best dispensaries, like Lowkey, share certain characteristics—like being staffed by friendly, knowledgeable people who are able to answer your questions, and having the appropriate cannabis products for the experience you’re seeking.

Some dispensaries will even align with your values. For instance, Lowkey Dispensary is one of just a few Black-owned dispensaries in Boston and the state of Massachusetts as a whole. Our team isn’t just committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience, we’re also focused on creating diversity in an industry where it’s severely lacking—nearly 75% of the Massachusetts marijuana workforce is white.

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